Trade Technologies provides patented software and services that accelerate the creation and delivery of complex letter of credit and other trade documentation. Our customers are consistently paid faster and more reliably with lower overhead costs.

Global Exporters

Accelerate creation and delivery of accurate trade documents for faster payment

Asia-Direct Imports

Automate document creation and delivery from Asia to North American and European retailers

Trade Banks

Receive digital letter of credit and Direct Import open account documents for examination

Freight Forwarders

Deliver better service by outsourcing your customers' letter of credit and banking needs
We combine cutting-edge technology, trade documentation experts, and best-in-class processes to improve visibility into the financial supply chain. We process over $9 billion in global transactions per year. Learn what we can offer »

Upcoming Events:

Webinar: Letters of Credit - Advanced
April 16th - April 17th, 11:00AM EDT

Commercial Letters of Credit (LCs) can be an effective payment mechanism, provided the proper steps are followed. Join us for our advanced letter of credit webinar that goes beyond LC basics to address key details about letters of credit and how to make them work for you. The webinar will be broken into two one-hour segments.

Webinar: Letters of Credit 101 - Basic
March 12th, 11:00AM EDT

Export LCs serve as an efficient means of payment and reliable means of credit assurance, however, if the documents are noncompliant, it can delay your pament up to six (6) weeks. This webinar discuesses the details of unconfirmed LCs, confirmed Lcs and standby LCs.

Sherri Lane, Director of Consulting and Insurance Services, and Charlie Kelly, vice president of Trade Technologies Inc., will help you sharpen your basic understanding of letters of credit. Learn how to accelerate cash flow and streamline trade, details about the nuts and bolts of the LC process, how to avoid discrepancies and how to make LCs an effective payment mechanism or a major headache and how you can avoid the latter.

Seminar: Global Connect: Texas Trade Finance
February 20, 2015; San Antonio, TX

Global Connect: Texas Trade Finance Seminar

A must attend event for small and medium-sized businesses, interested in entering, growing, and succeeding in global markets.

Topics Covered
  • How to get paid from your export sales;
  • How to increase export sales while reducing the risk of nonpayment by your foreign buyers;
  • Learning opportunities for new and existing exporters;
  • U.S. Government export assistance resources;
  • A major networking occasion for financial institution professionals seeking to expand their client base;
  • A great learning opportunity for students interested in international trade and global business;
  • Offered in support of the advancement of U.S. hispanic owned businesses in global markets.