Who We Are ?

Facilitators of global trade

With over 1,500 exporters using our services and patented web-based platform, we are the global leader in trade payment document solutions, processing over $16 billion in transactions annually.

Trade Service Provider

Software solutions and document preparation services

What We Do?

We bring expertise and technology together to seamlessly facilitate cross-border trade.

Trade Technologies provides Internet-based software solutions and document preparation services that streamline international trade payment processes and documentation for global exporters, freight forwarders, and trade banks.

Our solutions leverage technology to drive workflow and process efficiencies throughout the financial supply chain so that our clients experience - improved profitability through accelerated receivables collection, lower transaction costs, and enhanced transaction reporting.

  1. Streamline international trade documentation
  2. Enhance efficiency
  3. Reduce receivable cycle
  4. Improve profitability


Our vision is to provide innovative and practical solutions that allow companies to better prepare, organize, deliver, and track the flow of accurate trade documentation throughout the supply chain.


Trade Technologies’ mission is to dramatically improve exporters’ profitability and efficiency by enabling a gradual transition to an entirely paperless and collaborative international receivables collections systems and processes.