Trade Technologies provides patented software and services that accelerate the creation and delivery of complex letter of credit and other trade documentation. Our customers are consistently paid faster and more reliably with lower overhead costs.

Global Exporters

Accelerate creation and delivery of accurate trade documents for faster payment

Asia-Direct Imports

Automate document creation and delivery from Asia to North American and European retailers

Trade Banks

Receive digital letter of credit and Direct Import open account documents for examination

Freight Forwarders

Deliver better service by outsourcing your customers' letter of credit and banking needs
We combine cutting-edge technology, trade documentation experts, and best-in-class processes to improve visibility into the financial supply chain. We process over $10 billion in global transactions per year. Learn what we can offer »

Upcoming Events:

Webinar: Letter of Credit Basics, What You Need to Know
October 13, 2020

This webinar will introduce exporters to the basics of Letters of Credit and how to avoid the common pitfalls.

Visibility into your Transactions
October 20, 2020

If you want a clearer view into what is happening when you ship internationally, then TradeSharp can help!
Our TradeSharp cloud-based software is used by grain exporters globally to automate and digitize trade documents for letters of credit, collection and open account transactions. TradeSharp has been used to successfully complete over $100 USD Billion of trade transactions in the last 17 years.

Webinar: Export Trade Compliance Management
November 10, 2020

This webinar will cover what every exporter needs to know to be compliant in international trade and the consequences that may ensue if you’re not diligent.

More than Letters of Credit, How TradeSharp™ benefits Open Account Transactions
November 17, 2020

For years, Trade Technologies has helped exporters handle all kinds of trade transaction. Whether you’re shipping under Letters of Credit, Open Account, or other terms, come learn how TradeSharp can help make your export process painless and help you get paid faster.

Webinar: Title Transfer Does Not Equal Revenue
December 8, 2020

Direct vs Online vs Split, what kind of presentation is right for you?
December 15, 2020

When it comes to presenting trade documents, you more options now more than ever. Learn about how the different presentation types can affect your preparation process and your options.