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Trade Technologies Announces Major Software Release
  • Oct 31, 2016

Latest Update to Industry-Leading Trade Document Automation and Electronic Delivery Software

Austin, TX (October 31, 2016) – Trade Technologies, the global leader for international trade document solutions, today announced the latest release of its patented, cloud-based, trade document solution – TradeSharp. TradeSharp automates and digitizes the process of creating and delivering trade documents and data for open account, letter of credit and other international transactions. TradeSharp also provides connectivity, visibility and workflow across the trade document chain for exporters and importers.

The latest TradeSharp release adds proprietary, intelligent document and workflow templating to automate and assure trade document compliance based on product type, countries of origin and import and other key variables. Further enhancements to the TradeSharp supplier and buyer portals and extension of the TradeSharp integration tools were also included in this release.

Since 2003, Trade Technologies has provided business automation software and trade document services to exporters and importers in almost every industry and market. To date, Trade Technologies has successfully completed over 250,000 international transactions with a value of over $75 billion for thousands of customers globally. Over 40% of these transactions have been delivered digitally to banks and buyers.

“While everyone agrees that automation and digitization are the answer to solve the delays and errors inherent in international trade, there are a limited number of companies that combine the requisite expertise, technology and customer base to truly automate and digitize today’s trade transactions,” said Kirk Lundburg, President and CEO of Trade Technologies. “The latest release of our industry-leading TradeSharp software draws on our global experience to centralize and automate the process of creating and delivering digital and paper trade documents across the entire international trade ecosystem from suppliers to buyers.”

The patented TradeSharp cloud platform securely connects importers and exporters with their suppliers, buyers, banks and other trade participants on a common platform to automate and digitize document creation, delivery and approval. TradeSharp resides on a secure, cloud-based architecture providing global 24/7 visibility and fostering collaboration across distributed businesses.

TradeSharp can be implemented as a stand-alone solution for digital letter of credit and open account document creation and delivery or as a fully integrated and customized private cloud solution to enable collaboration, workflow and trade document compliance across the document supply chain. Implementing TradeSharp improves, automates and centralizes process, compliance, efficiency and working capital with lower overall costs and risk.

  • Common cloud-based platform for automated document and data exchange with all parties;
  • Customized data management and documents;
  • Rule-based, intelligent transaction templating automates and enforces compliant documents and workflow based on transaction details;
  • Customized and structured workflows optimize results across distributed internal teams, suppliers, buyers and third parties;
  • Robust user defined reporting tools for all transaction data and metrics;
  • Secure electronic document creation and exchange with buyers, banks and third parties;
  • Multiple data import and exchange methodologies;
  • 24/7 real-time visibility and access to transaction status, exposures, performance and all other aspects of documentation and receivables management; and
  • TradeSharp customers always have access to Trade Technologies’ on demand training consulting and outsourced trade document services.


Trade Technologies has offices in Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Hong Kong, Houston, Istanbul, London, Los Angeles, Mumbai, New York, San Francisco, Singapore and Stuttgart.


About Trade Technologies

Founded in 1999, Trade Technologies ( is the largest global provider of trade document services and software. From its offices in Asia, Europe and North America, Trade Technologies provides leading exporters, freight forwarders and international trade banks with trade document solutions, training and consulting.

The Company’s web-based TradeSharp platform and outsourced services enable customers to streamline their operations, save money, accelerate payments, and eliminate discrepancies traditionally involved in international letter of credit, documentary collections and open account transactions. More than 1,500 exporters, global trade banks and freight forwarders depend on Trade Technologies’ services to process almost $10 billion in international trade transactions each year. Globally, Trade Technologies is presenting original letter of credit and other trade documents online to 66 examination offices of 24 banks in 13 countries.

Trade Technologies was named by Silicon Review as one of the “50 Smartest Companies of the Year 2016.” In 2015, Trade Technologies was awarded the Presidential “E” Star Award for Export Services by the U.S. Department of Commerce and was selected by CIO Review Magazine for its annual list of the 20 Most Promising Banking Technology Solution Providers. Trade Technologies was voted the “Best Trade Tech Solutions Company” in 2012 by readers of Trade Finance Magazine. In 2011, Trade Technologies won the Presidential “E” Award for Exports through the U.S. Department of Commerce, the highest recognition any U.S. entity may receive for supporting export growth. In 2010, the Company was awarded a patent on the TradeSharp software platform and process.